FurRag Archive

About FurRag

FurRag is—or was—an archive site for anthropomorphic/furry stories. From the original welcome page:

This is a special place dedicated to fostering anthropomorphic characters in literature and supporting the writers who create them. We strive to help each other grow in the craft. Expertise is not required; just honesty and tact.

Feel free to post your stories, but expect mentorship. Remember, an honest critique is like a trip to the doctor’s office. You sit naked in the cold with only a thin veil to protect your dignity. Sometimes you need surgery. Sometimes you get a shot. You really know you’re in for it when you hear the rubber gloves snap. It can be unpleasant or even painful. If you’re lucky, you get a sticker and a lollypop.

We cherish the reader here too. Without readers, writers have no purpose. Your insights are the most helpful and are always encouraged, so please post your honest impressions. You don’t need to know what “passive voice” is in order to say “Something sounds funny…”

FurRag was started by Khaki in 2005, with administrators including Altivo, Drenthe, and Quinn Yellowfox. It featured several hundred artists and several thousand stories and a fairly active community in the forums. Khaki left active duty on the site in 2010 but continued system administration duties.

In September 2013, FurRag was put into maintenance mode, no longer accepting uploads, due to a data leak, while the staff investigated. While PHP-based malware was discovered, it was hard to tell whether it was the cause—directly or indirectly—of the data leak. FurRag’s software (an open source “fan fiction archive” management system called eFiction) had been out of even passive development since 2010, and Khaki decided not to continue operation.

This site is a static archive site of FurRag, with no user accounts and database, preserving the original story contents.

As of this writing, the forum is still operational.