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Real Name • Alex Vance
Live Journalosfer.livejournal.com
Web Sitehttp://www.baddogbooks.com
Gender • male

A mover and a shaker and a candlestick-maker. The dresser and puppeteer of FurRag, the head pot-scrubber of Bad Dog Books and FANG (www.baddogbooks.com!), the author of Maranatha, a student, a teacher, a workshop leader, editor-for-hire and all-round hoopy frood... Modern Science has not yet determined whether he actually sleeps or just fakes it.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
02 Feb 2010 X: No Other God Before Me Adult 1 11967 9.5
20 Jun 2008 test 1 1 10.0
04 Nov 2005 Maranatha Adult On Writing Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Erotica, Gay, Thriller 19 190743 9.5