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Will G Wolf

Real Name • William Gabriel Ross
Web Sitehttp://bluewolf587.deviantart.com/
AIM • BlueTiger587
Yahoo IM • riverwolf54@yahoo.com
Gender • male

I was the first born son in my family.  I was born May 4, 1987 making me currently 20 and I currently live with my mom, dad, and little brother.  My brother has cerebral palsy and I’m a bit aggressive when people say anything bad about the physically or mentally handicapped.  I enjoy writing a lot and write a lot of poems and a few short stories.  Whenever I’m not really doing anything I try to write down my thoughts and feelings and I tend to write some of my best things when I’m on an emotional rant haha.  I try to put a lot of emotion into my writings because I think emotion is something that we can all relate to and that gives us all a common tie.  I enjoy hearing things about my works be they bad or good because that’s how I learn.  I hope to put up a lot of stuff here and get some feedback on it all.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
29 Mar 2009 Where the Heart is Adult Adventure, Drama, Gay, Thriller 1 8771
21 Aug 2007 New Kid Drama, Gay, Romance 7 32538 7.6
30 May 2007 Dinner Date by Candlelight Adult Gay, Romance 2 5918 5.0
27 May 2006 Someone Will Fantasy, Drama 1 992
15 May 2006 Frozen Out Drama 1 2029