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Nova Raine

Real Name • N/A
MSN IM • nova.raine@gmail.com
Yahoo IM • rain.tigress
Gender • female

My name's Nova Raine.

I'm a light blue Siberian tigress with defined purple stripes from Canada. Although I believe I've been a furry my entire life, I officially recognized myself as a member of the fandom when I was 12 years old.

I started writing anthro 7 years ago on a Sonic the Hedgehog social board on the GameFAQs forum. They were kind of dark erotic comedies. Then someone told me that I was a "furry". At that point all I knew about furries was from the 'Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas' episode of CSI, and being intrigued by why someone would call me a furry for writing a slightly naughty fanfic, I decided to check it out. After the usual misgivings were straightened out, I fell in love with the fandom.

I not only write yiff, but I also paint, sculpt, photograph, photomanip, etc.

If I am not connected to the internet for more than twenty minutes, the atoms in my brain will start to deteriorate... So I bought a CrackBerry. LOL

I will do requests and trades, maybe commissions in the future once I've honed my skills a little more. I also proofread stories for other furs. Just ask.

Due to living in Canada, I'm a big hockey fan.

I spend alot of time in my own head, just thinking. I call myself a modern-day philosopher... My friends call me an existential emo-kid.

My favorite bands are: The Used, Fall Out Boy, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Hawthorne Heights, Weezer, Spinnerete, Alkaline Trio, Fenix TX, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday and Boys Night Out.

That's all I've got. TTFN.





Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
05 Dec 2009 Jake's Genie Adult Transformation 1 2259
19 Nov 2009 Seeing Starrs Adult Erotica 1 2574
19 Nov 2009 Frozen In Time Adult Gay 1 2719
18 Nov 2009 She's Such A Tease Adult She's Such A Tease Erotica 11 17972 6.0