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I am a light blue and white tipped wolf, with light blue eyes. My name is Gregory, but I also go by Bloudin as a nickname from my blue fur and eyes. I am an overall light blue with white ear tips, tail tip, and socked in white, as well as my belly fur. 

Well, that's my fursona. 

For me, I am gay and love this world and the furry world, and love all those around me. I have earned myself the coincidental name of Wolf at my local places, because of my loving, protective, and aggressive personality and how at home I act and feel in nature. I don't have that much of an artistic skill, but I am an average writer for my time, and I have a few furry stories which I like to share. 

As of this time I have told only a few people that I am gay, and nobody that I am a furry. Maybe someday this world will finally see that everyone is equal, and all of us can finally be at ease.

I hope you enjoy my stories, and feel free to drop me a line at SoFurry.com (Bloudin-Ruo), FurAffinity.com (WhatIsDaMatter), and of course, here.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
28 Dec 2009 Arnses and Me Adult Erotica, Gay 1 963
28 Dec 2009 New Years Party, 2009 Adult Erotica, Gay 1 2082