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Hello my fellow furry enthusiasts^_^

My name's Wolf and I'm a grey wolf:3

*Notices everyone's staring at me for being so obvious* Oh god don't eat me X.x

Seriously though I'm just a gay furry wolf with a passion for the fandom,

As well as wolves and foxes hehe,

And I'm looking for creative criticism and friendly furs that are awesome and...

Well that's about it teehee^_-


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
16 Nov 2011 From Ice Cream to "Topping" Adult Adventure, Comedy, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Romance 18 59724 9.3
13 Jun 2010 Fighting Fursecution Adult Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Transformation 9 12717 8.2
09 Apr 2010 A Wolf's Reflection Adult Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Thriller 1 1083 7.0
23 Mar 2010 Advent Adult Comedy, Drama, Erotica, Gay, Romance 3 5034 7.4