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Jun Gesshoku

Real Name • Jesus
Gender • male

Hi, my name is Jesus but you can call me by my penname/japanese/fursona name, Jun. Im excited to join FurRag since i really enjoy reading the stories that others post. I hope to one day start writing my own stories since i do enjoy writing (well most of the time ;3). My fursona is a rabbit just to let you know and i hope that i can become friends with all of you! When i get the chance to come up with a story ill make sure to post it as soon as i know it is something worthwhile. I would say that my inspiration for wanting to start writing would be Kyell Gold. I just love his stories! Well anyways, hope to start writing soon, im very excited!



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
24 Apr 2010 A Night to Remember Jun's Short Stories Gay, Romance 1 2799
15 Apr 2010 The Babysitter Adult Jun's Short Stories Gay, Romance 1 3766