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Real Name • Brian Cook
MSN IM • subordinater@hotmail.com
Gender • male

I've been a writer all my life, even though I never thought I would every make any money with it.  I still haven't made money, but that doesn't matter.  My goal is to teach creative writing at a university, so I'll make money when that happens. ^_~


I mostly write about drama that happens in realistic settings.  I'm very interested in finding the conflicting emotions that are often present in horrible situations -- laughter that frequently comes with death, hate that comes with love, depression that comes with euphoria.


I'm willing to write just about anything, to tell the truth.  Sci-fi, fantasy, erotic fiction, you name it.  If you want to commission something, e-mail me with the idea, and we'll haggle a price.


My life also involves school, work, and improv comedy.  Improv is my biggest passion.  I've been doing it for 10 years, and I've recently helped start a professional improv troupe.  I'm currently co-manager of The Antics and will be doing some workshops at AC 2010.  Hope to see you there!


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
06 Jan 2011 The Taste of Peppermint Drama, Gay 1 1344
08 Jun 2010 The Sestina of Edward the Fiend Fantasy 1 362 8.0
07 Jun 2010 The Runt Drama 1 781 8.0