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Real Name • Vargr Dragonwolf
Web Sitehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/vrghr/
AIM • vrghr
Yahoo IM • vrghr
Live JournalVrghr
Gender • male

Friendly, floofy dragonwuff with a penchant toward expansion/inflation-related subjects and situations.

Vargr (also Vrghr) Dragonwolf is the Avatar of his human author. The wuffy provides a means for his more shy and "repressed" author to explore the wilder side of things, and somewhat limits associations with those subjects that would be awkward or uncormfortable for his Author to deal with in his current job-related situation. As such, while the wuff and the Author share many interests and personality traits, the one is not the other. Hence, Vargr's predilection for "speaking" of himself in third-person.

Vargr (and Author) is an avid reader, "catholic" (all-encompassing) in his taste in music, and a lover of whimsey and silliness of all sorts. Author is a professional "technical writer", and heavily involved in the production and sustainment of high quality, highly detailed technical operating and maintenance manuals for a variety of DoD mission systems.

A "nerd" from WAY back (before many of today's readers were even born), both Author and wuff embrace in the science and technology side of things. The wuff's delight in all the wonders of the world today and in what may come stems from this (and more). And even Vargr's "pure fantasy" stories , the wuff finds he needs to to have an internal logic and consistency within them, even if it is based in a "fantastic" environment.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
04 Jan 2010 Spirits Of The Brotherhood FurFright Con-Book Submissions Drama, Thriller 1 1715 10.0
01 Jan 2010 A Big Bad Wolf Gets His Just Desserts Fantasy, Romance 16 38868 8.0
15 Jan 2009 Wasd and the Wuff Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 13 39548
13 Jan 2009 There is a wolf on my hearth Romance 1 172 8.0
25 Oct 2007 A Toast to the Short Story Writers! Article, Drama 1 583
24 Oct 2007 The Test FurFright Con-Book Submissions Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 1 1159 8.0
20 May 2007 Scintilate 1 32 7.0
20 May 2007 The Predator Adult Drama, Fantasy 1 2660 8.0
19 May 2007 Gas Attack Adult Fantasy 1 1502 5.5
02 May 2007 Vinyl Gryphon Adult Drama, Fantasy, Transformation 2 18076
01 May 2007 Ignis Fatuus FurFright Con-Book Submissions Horror, Transformation 1 1519
01 May 2007 The Costume FurFright Con-Book Submissions Transformation 1 994
01 May 2007 'Ware, Were! FurFright Con-Book Submissions Horror, Thriller 1 1056 7.5
30 Apr 2007 Night Eyes FurFright Con-Book Submissions Horror, Thriller 1 1630 9.5
30 Apr 2007 Bearding the Dragon Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 1 2348