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Real Name • Audre
Live JournalThunder-equus
Web Sitehttp://www.furaffinity.net/
MSN IM • Cheesecake_parfait@hotmail.com
Gender • female

To be frank, I'm horribly inexperienced in literature. I draw quite a bit more than I write, though my background in art has aided strongly in my writing. I like to think I have a wide variety in vocabulary, but of course there are those whom are further-educted than I. Full effort is put into every second of my writing, so hopefully it will suffice in your needs.

About the real Thunder?

  • First off, I prefer to be called Cheesey, since my fursona's name is Cheesecake. But if you must, please refer to me as Thundii. Thunder is much too formal for me.
  • I'm currently the age of 15, soon though my birthday will pass and I will grow another year. September 29, 2010 I will be 16.
  • If you're interested in art as well, you can check out my FA and/or DA with the same username as here.
  • I'm not mean, if you wanna talk to me you can add me on Skype or MSN. c:
  • I've been drawing for 11 years, digitally for 2 years, and I've been part of the furry fandom for now 9 months.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
17 Sep 2010 Who You Really Are Adventure 2 1311 8.0