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Real Name • Sorry Canttell (^_^) (A.J.B.)
Web Sitehttp://chimpy_the_king@yahoo.com
Yahoo IM • chimpy_the_king@yahoo.com
Gender • male

Yay! Born 1992, Year Of The Monkey! That's me, and I'm proud of it. I bet you can't guess what my fave animal is (Go ahead, I dare you! XD)

Anyway, I'm here because I've been reading stories here for a while, and I thought, "Hey, I can write one too!" So far, I've seen most stories where the main characters are either wolves, foxes, or some other animal that EVERYONE uses. Not that I'm bashing those animals and the people who love them, but...it's getting kinda stale.

There's a wide variety of animals to choose from, so why is it that everyone's fave animal is a wolf or fox? I say break free from being a stereotype and do something different!

People tell me I'm a great writer anyway, so I thought I should apply myself here and see what all you good people think of my work. (that is, when I get a laptop.)

Anyway, I'm rambling. Sorry for that, but being the quiet guy that I am, I tend to say more on paper/typing than I do in person. Be warned when I start to review. I'll get out of your hair (fur, scales, tentacles. Whatever you may have.) Have a nice one! ^o^


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
21 Oct 2010 End of Order: An Inside Look (Character Profile Rough Drafts) Adult Sci-Fi 1 430
08 Aug 2010 End of Order Adult Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 5 9705 8.0