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The Ghost Tigress

Real Name • Nunya Biznis

Hi!  A certain golden fox directed me to this site not too long ago, so I finally decided to check it out.  

Some might know me as Nitetigrezz from FurAffinity.  I go by Nite, Niti, Nitetigrezz, Ghost, Tigress, Nunya, Hey You, and even Hey You with the Tail.  My specialty lays in flash fiction, poetry, anecdotes, and character profiles.  Though I rp a lot in the furry world, it's rare for my stories and poetry to be specifically furry-related, though not directly human-related either.  It's just something that kind of, happens.

Anyway, I'll most likely be lurking around here for awhile before posting any of my stories.  I like getting a feel for well-established sites before really putting in my own things.  So if you feel eyes reading from the shadows, it's just little ol'e me :3


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
23 Nov 2010 Seattle Snow Drama 1 663
01 Sep 2010 Dirty Raindrops at a Pawn Shop Rant 1 274
20 Aug 2010 Falling Romance 1 105
06 Aug 2010 Fiddler's Green Drama 1 327 9.0