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Real Name • Santo Ciaravino
Web Sitehttp://scskwirl.webs.com
Gender • male

I'm a Furry author, working my way to get my stuff out there.

Right now, I'm getting familiar with this site. I encouraged myself to come here, because I felt this served as a nice E-Zine to publish Furry literature, like my erotica.

Later on, I'll add more, but currently, I have my stories available at:





Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
08 Sep 2010 Wander Lust Adult Santo's Spicy Stories Erotica 1 1170 5.5
08 Sep 2010 68 Plus One Night Adult Santo's Spicy Stories Erotica 1 1664 7.0
08 Sep 2010 FoxTail Adult Erotica, Gay 1 4760
07 Sep 2010 Cat & Koala Love Adult Santo's Spicy Sketches Erotica 1 756 5.5