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Yukigo Kurosaki

Real Name • Daniel L.

A fur since September 2009, I have been writing casually on SoFurry since that first day. My first stories, I am not ashamed to admit, are wrecks. Since then I have improved his skills and, not getting enough notice on SoFurry, have begun doubleposting on FurRag for honest criticism.

The areas I write best in are adult, erotic stories. This can range from straight out smut to timid romances in various fetish. I will also admit that I am a fan of (tasteful) incest and cub, please don't call me a freak, these are only furry fetishes, they don't carry over to Real Life.

I will only post my best work here and hope to eventually be worthy to write a story in canon to Chakat Goldfur's universe.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
24 Mar 2011 A Midwinter Night's Dream Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 1 6592 10.0
28 Dec 2010 Swimming Against the Current Adult Drama, Gay, Romance 3 17610 7.3
01 Dec 2010 New Beginnings: The Life and Times of Chakat Silverpaw Adult Chakats! Erotica, Romance 5 46856 9.5