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Serj Takayama

My love for writing started not long ago. I was challenged by one of my teachers to complete National Novel Writing Month. I did so and at the end of the month and 50,000 pages, I found this love for putting down my words on a page.

I was born and raised in Eastern Idaho in a little town called Rigby. I discovered the furry fandom at the age of 15--I think--but only recently decided to start contributing to it. I love writing, music, foreign languages, and the Furry Basketball Administration! (Go Mounties!) My favorite movie is Inception, my favorite accent is Australian, my favorite languages are Mandarin and Japanese, my favorite instrument is the Chinese Erhu, and it's been a fresh dream of mine to someday become a member of the Furry Writer's Guild.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
02 Jan 2011 Short Stories Adult Gay, Romance 1 3808