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Jerome Grey

Gender • male

About 'Gryphon Rider':

For centuries the chivalrous knights and their courageous gryphon mounts have kept the peace in the lands and protected the meek. But now their power is in decline. When the noble, birch mouse runaway Hanna meets the reserved silver fox Rupert and the passionate mountain gryphon Jonathan, they start on a journey to their own salvation. But can they persist against the intrigues and mysterious forces at work that orchestrate the ongoing shift of the age?

My current plan for Gryphon Rider is to tell the lives and adventures of the central protagonists in the main story series, but also to explore the histories and fates of support characters and world events in stand-alone features and short spin-off series, that can be read without having to delve through the whole main series first.

About myself:

Hi, I'm Jerome.

I have been attempting to write for half my life. Well, mostly I have wished I would write, but instead often spent my time daydreaming up plots and dramatic events, characters and twists. Only recently have I overcome my powerful urge to procrastinate my life away, and my first story, that you can read right here on this site, is the first step to me living my dream.

As a result I am totally addicted to see those messages that notify me of new favs and watchers, but most of all I cherish your written feedback, whether as reviews for the world to see or as private messages. I promise not to let your praise go to my head (well, I'll try...) and not to lash out if you find something to criticize (as long as you don't get insulting).



I enjoy living together with my mate and spending time with my few close friends, but I've always been an introvert at heart, maybe even somewhat of a loner. That does not mean that I don't enjoy meeting new people, it's just that I often rather watch and listen and think for a while before saying something substantial, instead of chatting about anything that pops into my head at all times.

About others:

My greatest thanks go out to the awesome Damaged and Dasher Cheetah of SoFurry, who have been so very, very kind to spread the word about my scribblings with others!

Also to that fur that would like to stay anonymous for correcting my horrible grammar.




Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
20 Feb 2011 Gryphon Rider Adult The Gryphon Rider Universe Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance 1 17296