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Real Name • Robert Drake
Gender • male

    I have a bunch of different avatars, which I use in stories depending on the mood that I'm in.  Everace is a favorite of mine.  He's defined by his honest heart and kind eyes.  He's amiable and social, but a bit more of a pacifist than is good for his health at times.  That's not to say he won't ever fight, but he'll definitely never kill.  Regardless of the circumstances.    My other avatars include: 

Shaed - A free-spirited spitfire, totally without fear.  The strength in his claws gives him the right to do as he pleases... but he's really not such a bad guy.

Shiv - A more boring avatar, your standard quiet loner.  Always immensely skilled in martial arts, generally carries a sword of some kind.

Varn - A cunning avatar, but without physical strength.  Varn tends to be involved with decisions that put his morales to the test, and is often the site of intense internal emotional storms.  Outwardly he can put up whatever emotional appearance suits his purposes, the facade is only detectable by those with abnormally keen empathic sense.

Lumis - Very emotional and just a bit dense.  Lumis usually tries to do what is right, but seldom thinks his actions through.  It can lead to the most wonderful spur of the moment acts of empathy or heroism, but it can also lead to the most wonderfully awful botch ups.

In general these avatars take on whatever fur form I feel would suit the story best... not that I'm committed to posting anything just yet.  So far I'm just in it to give good reviews to the stories I like, but you never know!


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
31 Aug 2007 Weakness of a Demon Adult Drama, Fantasy, Romance 3 8916