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Real Name • Ginnimae Skinner

Sitting before you, wrapped in two ivory white tails with billowing blue fur on one end, sits a chimera. An amalgamation of different species rolled into one, the main of which is distinctly feline, giving her graceful curves, a pale furry complexion and a certain air of naughtiness.

She looks at you and smiles, being 20 years of age she loves anime, drawing and is trying (so far in vain but future hopes are high) to make her own manga. If asked what her favourite things in the world were, she would reply, without hesitation, the cute and cuddly comfort of her friends and fiance, the people that she loves and who love her in turn, and the never ending supply of heartfelt hugs she gets from her best friend and fiance and those others that she loves greatly. Oh, and cheek kisses, she loves cheek kisses.

With a small giggle at such a statment she sits there looking at you expectantly, her ivory white fur seeming glossy in the soft light, the black markings over her face, arms and back and sides give a startling contrast to the rest of her body.

The overall effect of her apearence was one of elegance, sexuality and a hint of playfulness, all compounded into a cute and somewhat innocent facade. Well, only as innocent as she wants to be.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
14 May 2011 Chimera Adult Drama, Erotica, Romance, Sci-Fi 1 5269