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Web Sitehttp://ausfer.sofurry.com/
Gender • male

Sup, guys? I'm a good writer looking to get better... I've been on Sofurry for a few months and came here looking for a bit more than "great story! 5/5".

I love getting critique and criticism, which I find hard to come by on other sites. I also love to teach and know a decent amount about how to write, and like to help out others as well. 

I focus on writing erotica but I take good care to develop plot and characters in my stories so that they're enjoyable for more than the smut.

That's about all I can think to put right now. ^^


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
22 Aug 2011 A Dragon of Justice and Honor Adult Drama 1 10299
23 May 2011 Dragon Ranch Adult Erotica 14 126250 8.5