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all the things i consider important about myself 
-i am fifteen
- i have an obsession with glitter 
-i am 5 foot 2
- i am rudely sarcastic
- i am a furry (species: panda/fox shapeshifter depending on my mood)
-i am pansexual
- most of my friends are Tsunderes 
- i am enthusiastic about deathcore music
-i am a sophomore 
-i cut myself 
-i am dyslexic
-i have ADHD
-i have chronic depression
-i have suicidal thoughts 
-i am a masochist 
-i am an anarchist 
-i am punk
-i speak German (kinda) 
-i write poetry
-i am in a band (sorta)
-i am sexually active
-i have an eating disorder 
-i think left handed people are strangely sexy
-i am Kayramell
if you have any other questions, wanna get to know me, or just wanna chat i'd love to hear from you  and remember: be yourself, never take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive

find me!
deviantart: PandaInYourFace
facebook: Bambi Fawn Bright
SoFurry: GingerBear
Booksie: WarmSummerRain
youtube: DONTxTELLxHER


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
25 Jul 2011 I Just Got Clean- Shower Oneshot Adult Erotica 1 403
25 Jul 2011 Himei- torture oneshot Adult Erotica 1 1037
25 Jul 2011 I Can Only Dream Adult Erotica 1 681
25 Jul 2011 You Had To Tease Me Adult Erotica 1 643
25 Jul 2011 Do What You Do- chapter three Adult Erotica 1 586
25 Jul 2011 Do What You Do- chapter two Adult Erotica 1 401
25 Jul 2011 Do What You Do- Chapter One Adult Erotica 1 369
25 Jul 2011 Do What You Do Adult Erotica 1 291
25 Jul 2011 i dont need to touch you **fox oneshot** Adult Erotica 1 354
25 Jul 2011 i am your play toy **panda - wolf oneshot #2** Adult Erotica 1 407
25 Jul 2011 leave you cares behind **panda-wolf oneshot** Adult Erotica 1 620