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Real Name • Teokosu Sasa
Web Sitehttps://inkbunny.net/tkss1
Gender • male

Hello My name is Teokosu Sasa, but some people know me as TKSS. I'm a South American puma. I'm kind of new to the Furry world but everyone is making me fill right at home. *blows kisses to all*

I love: my teddy "Ruffles", hugs, and other kind furrys. 

I hate: bullies, wet willies, and people hurting, or being mean to others. 

I just wanted to say hello to everyone *blush* and to post this years photo. So if you see me in the halls say hi =^_^=


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
10 Apr 2013 A Road less Traveled Adult Romance 1 6630
10 Apr 2013 Love Star Adult Gay 1 10510
20 May 2012 A New Start Adult Erotica 1 11696
20 Nov 2011 The Kiss Adult Erotica 1 5134 8.0
13 Aug 2011 But He's Mine And I'm His Adult Gay 1 16325
13 Aug 2011 Stormy Night Adult Gay 1 5024 9.0
13 Aug 2011 It Must be Santa Paws Adult Gay 1 2556
13 Aug 2011 Star Pupil Adult Gay 2 6504