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Tobias Redtail

i am a fox in my 21st summer and i love life. i am very Irish actually found out my clan name in old Irish Ó Conchobhair means decedent of Conchobar which means lover of wolves (or hounds depending on who you ask)

i took my first steps into the furry world when i stumbled across three books. one by Blotch titled Dog's Days of Summer, and the other two by Kyell Gold titled Waterways. and Out of Position i highly recommend any of those books to any one. They can be found at sofawolf.com.

i don't do commissions

i write as a hobby currently working on a story i am posting on here, i do some sketching in my off time.i always like to get constructive criticism and tips on how to improve my writing.

i am always happy to chat and if any one has any questions feel free to send me a pm or an email at


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
17 Sep 2011 Cedarbow High Adult Romance 5 11815 8.0