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Ainoko Ironrose

Real Name • http://ainoko-ironrose.livejournal.com/friends
Gender • male

Ainoko is a 7 foot tall wolf/cheetah (his father is wolf and his mother is a black cheetah) crossbreed otherwise known as a Cheolf whose shiny black fur is medium length with dark near black red markings (just like a cheetah's), there is a sapphire blue slash across his left eye and he has a pair of shoulder length pink braids, his tail is long, barely dragging the ground before curling up. From a casual glance, he appears to look like a wolf but that is misleading. Although the wolf is dominant in his genes and body, there are feline characteristics that do show. The most striking feline feature you would notice about him is his eyes, they are bright intense yellow bordering on gold. His muzzle is shorter than other wolves and is feline in appearance. His wolf stature is softened from his feline bloodline; he possesses both the grace and agility of both bloodlines. Unlike all of the wolvine stock, he can retract his claws, making him a formidable opponent in any fight. He possesses special powers that few furs realize. He has the ability to control the planets electrical field with a mere thought, and he also has the limited ability to read others minds . His two primary weapons of choice are a 7.5’ long staff and a dirk, the blade is 30' long and 1.5' wide with barbed edges, the blade has a blood channel running most of it's length with ornate etchings on it as well, it also has two 9' semi-ridged whip-like blades flanking the main blade. With the hilt, the dirk is 38" long (the dirk can be found here: www.furaffinity.net/view/3614859/ ). The hilt is bound in leather with various small gems and filigreed gold thread woven in it and a blood red emerald set on the pommel, it also has a matching scabbard that leaves the whip blades exposed.

Some would say that his personality is aloof, but that is quite misleading. Due to events in his life, he tends to observe everything before making any decisions or comments to friends, family, and acquaintances. He gives the appearance of preferring to be a lone wolf in the world, by deep inside craves the company of strangers, friends and family, but hates being in crowds, being in large crowds makes him extremely uncomfortable. Although he hates being in crowds, you can never tell it from his attitude, he will give the impression that he knows what he is going to do and what he is doing at all times. Once he considers you a friend, he will be there for you for moral support.

He is protective of those whom he does consider his friends and will fight for them if necessary. He loves to cook and if given the chance he will show off his skills. He is very clean and organized where he works, but unfortunately, that doesn't translate to him keeping his living area clean and tidy. He prefers the company of other males over females, especially when they are getting intimate. When he is in bed with another male, he is very submissive and rarely dominate. He does enjoy most things that his lovers are into, but draws the line at some things. He is very protective of children, especially those of his family, basically, if your hurt a child, you hurt him. He has few things that he enjoys in his life. Give him a good book, and he will curl up in a corner reading it. He enjoys music as well, but is horrible at keeping in tune when singing along with the music.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
01 Jan 2013 Bridges Burned, Lessons Learned... Adult Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Romance, Thriller 2 4438
18 Aug 2012 Surprise!!!! Adult Erotica 1 1078
06 Feb 2012 A Spitting Death Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Horror, Romance, Thriller 1 955
16 Dec 2011 Castration Island Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Transformation 4 7854
16 Dec 2011 Fly Among the Stars Article, Drama, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Rant, Romance, Transformation 1 174
16 Dec 2011 If Only... Article, Fantasy, Romance 1 145
16 Dec 2011 My Special Surprise Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller 1 1759
16 Dec 2011 Experiment 12569 Adult Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Transformation 1 1849
16 Dec 2011 Sex Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Romance, Thriller 1 1383
16 Dec 2011 The Beginning of the End and A New Beginning Adult Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Transformation 1 880
16 Dec 2011 A Series of Fortunate Events Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gay, Mystery 4 1817
16 Dec 2011 The Party Favors Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Romance 1 2041
16 Dec 2011 The Qshola Adult Article, Fantasy, History, Sci-Fi 1 444
16 Dec 2011 Upstairs Adult Horror, Mystery, Thriller 1 1268
26 Nov 2011 Master's Pet Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2 3894
17 Nov 2011 The Snuff Party Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Thriller 1 1746
17 Nov 2011 On Stage Adult Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 1 2670
17 Nov 2011 Treasure's Guardian Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Thriller, Transformation 1 6799
13 Nov 2011 The Display Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller 1 1378
13 Nov 2011 Shra'Nishian Adult Article, Fantasy, History, Sci-Fi, Transformation 1 1075
13 Nov 2011 My Bittersweet End Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller 1 3168
13 Nov 2011 My Execution Adult Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Romance, Thriller 5 13046 10.0
13 Nov 2011 The Sacrificial Room Adult Drama, Erotica, Horror, Thriller 1 1936
13 Nov 2011 Master's Pet (teaser) Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Thriller 1 4429