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Liddell Scribe

Web Sitehttp://liddellscribe.com
AIM • liddell.scribe
Gender • undisclosed

Hello, I am Liddell. I'm a little white bunny that writes a lot of furry fiction.

I'm still not great but stick around and I promise I will get better. My personal goal is to become a published author with some of the biggest furry imprints. If you want to help by offering critique I would greatly appreciate it.

I mostly write erotica now, a lot of sort stories. I have two novels that I am working on and once I get those along some I will post teasers and info about those.

I DO take suggestions and requests. I don't promise I will go with everything but since I'm not personally up to the standards of other who do charge so I can't reasonably charge myself.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
02 Apr 2012 One More for Old Times Adult Erotica 1 2392
20 Mar 2012 Good Morning Mistress Adult Erotica 1 2024
15 Mar 2012 The Secret Lives of Ponyville Adult Drama 1 1794
29 Dec 2011 Holiday Treats Adult Erotica 1 2139