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I am a professional daydreamer, though no one seems to want to hire me for that particular skill. Characters, scenarios, and ideas continuously stream through my head with no real outlet for them besides playing out on the screen in the back of my mind. I have been going through and reading any story that has caught my interest and staring at the numerous awesome drawings from some truely talented furs longer than I probably should. As of late, I have found myself waiting for new material to come out and nothing to do while I wait besides daydream (and deal with the burdens of real life). So, I have decided to try my paw at this writing business and put some of my more coherent thoughts on paper, figuratively speaking (I am typing them out on my computer).

I am by no means a writer of any sort. I have no experience doing anything like this aside from the few mandatory English courses required by my liberal arts college. Needless to say, my work is scribbles at best. Who knows though, I might be able to change that with your help. So, while I sit here at my favorite coffee shop (that ubiquitous chain with the green and white logo of a mythical sea woman) and wait for the experts to release new tails (LOL! Look, a furry pun) and beautiful works of art, I hope that you will take a look at my ramblings and help a beginner out.

I want to thank anyone who gives my writing a chance and a BIG THANKS to anyone who gives me any criticism and/or encouragement.



Please don’t spare my feelings and be as brutal as you feel is needed. Tell me what you think, whether it's boring, too long/short, not enough action/drama, or if there is something you dislike or whatever. I can’t learn anything if you don’t point out my mistakes. I’m sure my pieces are chock full of grammatical errors. Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated and point out things that I am doing good will helps me also. You can do it anonymously at http://iwontbyte.tumblr.com/ask so be as honest and brutal as you want :D



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
30 Apr 2012 A Bully Story Drama, Gay, Romance 4 34281 8.0
16 Jan 2012 Coffee Shop Drama, Gay, Romance 4 20383 7.0