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Real Name • Lily Kara
Gender • female

So, I've been meaning to update this for a while, and now that I have the time...

Who is this girl Lily who calls herself SilverFox?

What convoluted answer would you like first? =^.^=

Well, I used to be an exotic dancer, I'm in a rather fun and happy relationship with two others. In my spare time I play with swords, guns, help rescue animals and write stories. I even play video games with some of my favorites being Fallout, Skyrim, Halo (all of them!), BioShock and I truly am a serious movie buff. I study martial arts and one day I'll actually be able to throw my mates across the room. Though Tara is lighter and smaller than me. Jack is a different story...

Hey, everyone needs goals, right?

At 26 I feel like my generation was completely cheated on good music, and for those of you that like Nirvana, I'm sorry. No, I really am sorry. I hate the song Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith as only cheap or noob strippers use it and I have heard it too many times!

Like a lot of authors I really want feedback on my writing. I can't get better without hearing from you all, and if I do something you like, tell me, if you don't like something, tell me. It helps to understand the how's and why's after all!

I think I am also ready and willing to do commissions, and I'm more than happy to haggle the price, especially for good art trades! The naughtier the better!

I like the idea of collaborations and playing with others in their worlds or inviting them to play in mine. It's a really big sandbox after all with toys enough for everyone!

'Sona wise I live up to my penname of SilverFox. I love foxes and even have some that live around the house.

Finally, go ahead and write me a letter via email. I love talking to people and sharing ideas or just yaking. Really. And I promise not to bite. Unless you want me to...



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
20 Jun 2013 Predators and Prey Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Transformation 9 29084
02 Jun 2013 Divine Retribution: Safena's Story Adult Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Romance 19 70522
28 Feb 2013 The Witch's Familiar Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Romance, Transformation 1 6694 8.7
23 Feb 2013 The Pale Morning Drama 5 15491 10.0
16 Feb 2013 By the Tiger's Tail Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller 8 31481 9.5
08 Feb 2013 With the Best Intentions Drama, Romance 13 44819 9.5
02 Dec 2012 Secrets and Confessions Drama, Romance 6 14593 10.0
09 Nov 2012 Best Friends Adult Erotica 1 9139 9.5
06 Nov 2012 Random Interrupt Adult Erotica 1 7028
31 Oct 2012 Random Encounters Adult Erotica, Romance 8 21616 9.0
03 May 2012 Divine Intervention Adult Adventure, Erotica, Fantasy, Romance 20 65492
25 Apr 2012 Time Enough Adult Adventure, Erotica, Romance, Sci-Fi 8 35092 8.0