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Real Name • David J Rust
Gender • male


To give in to some reductio ad absurdum, I guess you could say that I started as a comic book fan. The first thing I remember learning to read was a Superman comic book. Mom would run her finger under the text in the word balloons and help me unravel the Last Son of Krypton's adventures. But, really, it didn't stop there.

Using my new-found love of reading, I began devouring science fiction, fantasy, and horror: the trifecta collectively known as "speculative fiction". But SF was only a part of what made me the weirdo I am, today. Movies, art, and all manner of television touched my life. Greek myths and legends came my way from Mom while Dad worked on my natural addiction to cartoons by watching "the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show" with me as a kid. I saw my first episode of "Doctor Who" in 4th Grade (with Tom Baker as the Doctor): "Seeds of Doom". But my biggest influence was yet to come.

I became a gamer in 1979 with "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" and that set the course of my life. I was published professionally by Mayfair Games back in the 90's for their tabletop horror game, "Chill". I had thought about using werewolves in the horror adventure module but went with the wendigo, instead. Hey, it was a fuzzy monster, right? (Actually, it wasn't; I just kept thinking about the character that battled Alpha Flight.) I wrote short stories in "the Centaur's Gatherum Newsletter" and visited my ramblings upon my friends and strangers, alike, through the alt.messageboards.

By the time I discovered the actual furry fandom, I found that had been a furry fan for years. These days, I still role-play -although have made room for online MMORPGs and strategy games like the "Civilization" series- and make writing a big part of my life. I participate in the fanzine, "MegaMorphics", have been published in "Fang, vol. 4", was a reporter for a year (writing over 200 articles), and participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) each November. I even have a Smashwords page to distribute my stories in eBook format.

Most recently, I've been playing "Guild Wars 2" in the "Destroy All Monsters" (DAM) Guild on the Crystal Desert server. You can contact me at Sylvan.6407 if you'd like to hang out some time.



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25 Feb 2013 Heroes of Ampsburgh Adventure 1 9229