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Hello, yes, hi. As some of you might have already figured out, I'm Zomoxo. I'm from Finland and every once in a while I act like a wannabe author. Anyways, I'm 19 years old (past age of consent in Finland, mind you) and I like to write stories every once in a while. Someone here might have actually read my story. Some of you might have just stumbled upon this page because someone was spamming you. I dunno how probably that is. Oh well. Anyways, I'll probably be writing some stories here every once in a while from now on.

I hope you like reading my stories as I like writing them. I also like drawing, but I don't think I'm that good at it just yet so I skip posting any of my drawings just yet. Now, ta-ta.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
26 Mar 2013 Zack Drama, Fantasy, Gay 3 2984 10.0
26 Feb 2013 A date gone wrong Adult Gay 3 3134 7.5
13 Nov 2012 Love me, love me not Adult Drama, Gay, Romance 18 17411 9.6