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Real Name • Alana
Gender • female

I am a young writer from Canada, who actully spend most of her time writing or chilling with friends. I fursuit when I can but I am not as big into as I am the fanfiction that has helped create my fursona. I am into mythology and that shows in my stories as well do mythicoloical creatures. Keiko is the main charater in most of my stories and is my fursona. she is very submissive and is a pheonix lynx mix. I tend to write in 3rd person, though the odd time I will write in 1st. 

If you ever have something to say about my work feel free to say it! Nothing bothers me besides people reading it, and me knowing I don't know your opinion! Is it good? Is it bad? What the hell do I have to work at to make it enjoyable for you. I write to please people and to please myself. I know I am not the perfect writer, but how am I to get better if I don't get feed back so I can work on what I am not strong at?

If you fallow my stories, I'm sorry, I've been having major writers block and have been takeing care of my child. Therefore I have no idea when the rest of the story is going to be done. Nor do I know if ill be able to write the rest. When its up it'll be up. I'm sorry for the inconvince. 



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
30 Apr 2013 Random were story Fantasy, Transformation 1 350
14 Mar 2013 Keiko the servant part 2 Adult The servant Keiko Erotica, Fantasy, Romance 9 4967
27 Feb 2013 Keiko the servant part 1 Adult The servant Keiko Erotica 10 4688 3.0