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Nights Angel

Gender • male

Hello reader and friends. I'm Night's Angel. just a simlpe writter i geuss. I have a heart for furrys and some of the lot. but with some of my stories would say it is more of a deeper passion.. but it's hard to say what world is in my head. i trust animals more then people. and if you knew you would understand. i have a healthy love for them regrauldless of fur, feather or scale. so in short i will say. please respect the characters. even if you don't like the story. they are real to me in my own way. thank you i hope you enjoy the my stories.

and as a ps i'm working more then one story at a time so updates will be a bit weird.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
13 Sep 2013 The Dream 1 586 10.0
19 Aug 2013 Forgotten Adult Erotica 1 3825
11 Aug 2013 Beast within Adult Drama 4 16787
06 Aug 2013 Wolf Guard Runt's choice Adult Sci-Fi 2 7425
02 Aug 2013 The Beast called Nightmare Adult Fantasy 3 10198
20 Jul 2013 Summoning the Nightmare Adult Erotica 1 3083 4.0
29 Jun 2013 Vixen's Music, Love and Hope Adult Comedy 12 46396 6.0
24 Jun 2013 MY Family Adult Article 1 920
21 Jun 2013 My Angel, My Star Adult Erotica 1 1562
18 Jun 2013 My Wolf Bride Adult Romance 1 1106 3.5