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Ren Shadowpaws

Web Sitehttps://inkbunny.net/RenShadowpaws
AIM • ren-shadowpaws@live.com
Yahoo IM • shadowwolf4242@gmail.com
Gender • male

Hi, i am a stating artist and an author, feel free to contact me on any of the posted services, (note*** i will not talk to anyone on xbox or do video call on skype, i do not have a mic for either and i don't like to verbally speak much) but feel free to talk to me as much as possible, i spend most of my days at home since school is out. I am an 18 year old senior in high school working short stories for a pricefor a bachelors in fine art, specifically digital art and animation. feel free o ask bout anything too, even sexy stuff if you feel up to it. Also I don't like to do this buuuuut, I'm taking donations, only because i need a lot of money to move in with my fiancee who lives across the country, since I don't like taking *free* money please only send $1 or less. Pay too jackwths@gmail.com, for donations AND for all service payments<p>I am selling short stories, with out a fixed price as of yet, and will sell art work when i am able to. ASK for info for ANY commition info.</p><p>Skype: ren_shadowpaws<br /></p><br />Email: ren-shadowpaws@live.com


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
24 Jul 2013 The Calling Cards Of The Scarlet Hell Adult Horror 1 1260