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Jack Rad

Real Name • Jacques Radakovicz
Web Sitehttp://www.furrag.com

So yeah! Um, favorite color\'s black on white, favorite food is basically anything that can be eaten one-handed and doesn\'t stain, and favorite activity? That\'s pretty much a toss-up between anything outdoorsy--skating, hiking, volleyball, mountainbiking, you name it--and staying shut indoors like a complete geek with a stack of books. I know, I know, it\'s really a hippy thing, \'the magic of books\' and all that jazz, but honestly? It\'s true, for me. Never met a book I didn\'t like, never met a story I didn\'t want to finish. Even if the spelling\'s strictly from hunger or there\'s no caps or punc marks; that shit doesn\'t faze me. Give me a story and make it good and I won\'t care if it\'s kid\'s stuff or saucy or scary or downright crap, I\'ll just have my foxy little self a wail of a time losing myself in it. Some people say this means I don\'t have taste, but they can go hump themselves. Sure, I\'ll read anything and sure, I forget most stories right after reading them, but who cares? I can think of way worse ways to spend an hour or two of your free time, waiting for the sun to go down so you can go for a jog without sweating like a dog.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
01 Nov 2005 Starting a Series FurRag for Readers Article 1 146
01 Nov 2005 Series for Readers FurRag for Readers Article 1 292
01 Nov 2005 Being a reader on FurRag FurRag for Readers Article 1 341