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Real Name • Alexandra Malmberg
Live Journalquoting_mungo
Web Sitehttp://www.snowfox.se
Gender • female

I am a programmer-to-be from Sweden, in my mid-twenties, who started writing stories in fourth grade. Back then it was impossible "real world" adventures inspired by Nancy Drew files and The Black Stallion. Then I discovered fantasy, and my stories started including more and more in the way of fantastical creatures and magic.

Around year 2000, I started seriously discovering furry fandom. While I am predominantly an artist and cartoonist (I have formal education as a sequential artist), I enjoy writing and find that it is often a more effective medium to tell a story without art getting in the way.

Most of my writing at present is unfinished little snatches of story which aren't fit for public consumption, but sometimes I manage to actually finish what I'm working on. The settings I mostly work in at present are Avelyon High, an urban fantasy environment which includes some magical races with furry qualities, and the unnamed medieval fantasy furry setting I use to tell the stories of my hunter/tanner pair.

I appreciate feedback and want to grow as a writer, so anything you'd like to say would be most appreciated.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
10 Feb 2012 A Taste of Rainbow Transformation 1 897
10 Aug 2010 Last Call 1 2171 8.0
18 Feb 2009 Biology Lesson OR Why You Don't Have Sex With Canids on a Deadline Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Erotica 1 3566
20 Dec 2008 Graceful Lover Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Erotica 1 1591 8.0
01 Nov 2008 The Dragon King Adult NaNoWriMo 2008 Fantasy 34 51858 10.0
13 Aug 2008 Tell You a Secret Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Erotica, Fantasy 3 27915 10.0
31 Jul 2008 Trial By Fire Avelyon High Fantasy 1 934 8.0
16 Jul 2008 Easy Work, Tough Decision Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Fantasy 1 3178
01 May 2008 Bound to the Cage Bird Adult The Tarravi Hunters Fantasy 1 2728
22 Apr 2008 Hound in the Coverts Adult Avelyon High Fantasy 2 2882
18 Apr 2008 How Zebra Got His Stripes Romance 1 2042 10.0
13 Apr 2008 As Things Turn on Their Heads Adult Avelyon High Fantasy 1 6011
10 Apr 2008 Spring Romance Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Fantasy, Romance 1 3102 10.0
08 Apr 2008 Ermine Reflection Avelyon High Fantasy, Transformation 1 1692
07 Apr 2008 A Rainy Day Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Erotica, Fantasy, Gay 1 3546
03 Apr 2008 Can I Buy You a Drink? Adult Avelyon High, Furries and Humans Erotica, Fantasy 2 2410 10.0
02 Apr 2008 Partnership Adult The Tarravi Hunters Erotica, Fantasy, Gay 1 733
02 Apr 2008 To Catch a Thief The Tarravi Hunters Fantasy 1 1480