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Web Sitehttp://www.yiffstar.com/user/dancing6666
Gender • male

Hiya, I'm from Scotland! I'm still kinda overwhelmed by the Yiffy fandom, so I'm always eager to meet friendly people!
My forte is writing (those of you who actually can write will know it isn't because I said 'forte'), and I am always open to suggestions/comments/gifts in the form of risqé services. ^^

I love it when people comment, regardless how simple, so if you like my work just go ahead and say (likewise criticism is also accepted ;) ).

I hope my generic piffle satisfies your curiosity about me. Now go ahead and read! xD


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
11 Oct 2008 Machines and Masters Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay 1 2092
11 Oct 2008 Steam and Snow: an experiment in pleasure Adult Erotica, Gay 1 1642
11 Oct 2008 No Relief Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay, Horror 1 1710
11 Oct 2008 The Greatest Design Adult Erotica, Fantasy 1 2932
11 Oct 2008 Treating a Gorgon Adult Erotica, Sci-Fi, Transformation 1 3202