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Real Name • Wesley Brown
Live Journalhttp:///desgar.livejournal.com
Web Sitehttp://sascha_dude.tripod.com
Yahoo IM • sascha_dude
Gender • male

I live in Chicago. I've written on and off since 1996, but started writing furry/anthro works in 2003. I've posted so far only stories about Shion, Aseska, and their world but I have material for other anthro stories in the near future. I currently work in retail, but looking for something better.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
15 Jun 2007 Dheanna's Splendor Adventure, Gay, Romance 1 2439 6.3
13 Jun 2007 Perilous II Adult Adventure, Fantasy 1 4055 6.5
03 Jun 2007 Perilous Adult Adventure, Fantasy 1 2615 7.0
14 Sep 2006 A Kha'zae for the Willing Adult Fantasy, Adventure 4 17186