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Edgar Allan Wolf

Gender • male

Career Bio: First thing first, I'm from Mexico, so maybe my grammar is not so good, but I'm working to make it perfect. I have been writing for four or five years, so I'm not exactly an expert. Anyway, usually my stories are epic fantasy wrote in Spanish. But I like the furnation so I started to write some stories in English. This kind of stories are not so soft porn.

Story: A young male wolf whose father was a dragon. No one knows why this happened, but it happened. Raised in the wild for his mother's pack he was discriminated by his half brothers and half sisters. By his 8 years he started to learn about the dragons thanks for his father who claim his custody. From that time on, he learned to write, read and he learned many languages, including Spanish and English. He gave preference to the first 'cause it was his father language. his father taught him how to stand in two legs instead of four, so he liked that idea. By his 10 years he began to write stories. he wasn't good at all but he improved his metods making great fantasy stories. Recently (by his 17 years) he discovered the human world and taking cover he started to live among the humans. Thanks to his dragon appendixes he used to fly around the place he lived learning human manners and traditions. Those things were interesting for him so he used to write about them in their stories. Now by his 20th year of life, he started to write some porn stories between males thinking in them as something interesting too.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
07 Nov 2008 Wolf's Love Adult Lover's Moon Gay 1 2095 10.0
06 Nov 2008 The Day We Met Adult Lover's Moon Gay 1 1885 9.0