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Real Name • Tai'ra
AIM • Angelwuff
ICQ • 24437212
MSN IM • ask
Yahoo IM • getsueimusha
Gender • male

It's been almost a year now of writing (June for those keeping track) so let me update this profile once more.  Welcome to the author side of the fursona known as Tai'ra, in this case going by the penname TheLastGasp.  You might also know be as :iconangelwuff: my +watch stalker >.>

I write a variety of things, some of them going into themes that most would find objectionable.  If the thought of snuff and vore squick you like a sane person, you might like  http://furrag.com/viewuser.php?uid=457
which contains no snuff or vore themed stories.  Although I give no guarantees you won't find anything completely non objectionable there, I go explore through a wide variety of kinks and fetishes in my stories and I'm sure I'll offend everyone at one point.

As a second note, while some of my stories go into rather dark themes, all of these are fantasies.  These are professionals on closed courses, do not try this at home =D  I do not encourage any sort of edge play including breath control IRL.  

So getting that warning past, I hope you enjoy!  I tend to wander through kinks and love to explore different things, so my smut tends to land all over the place.  Hopefully some you'll quite enjoy.

For the curious, you can also contact me on Taps, SPR, and FurryMUCK as the character Tai'ra.  I'm rarely, ok, almost never on SL as Taira Ennui.  I also have too many IM accounts as you can see below.  And for the curious, while my mascot for this side, Ar'iat, is a herm fennec demon mutt, my player is cheerfully male =D


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
19 Aug 2009 A Trainer's Bond Adult Erotica, Fanfiction, Gay, Romance 1 3499 8.0
29 Jun 2009 Bad Girls Just Want to Have Fun Adult Erotica, Gay 1 2207
17 Jun 2009 So I Heard... Adult Erotica, Gay 1 1553
20 May 2009 Pizza Delivery Adult Erotica 1 2903 10.0
15 Apr 2009 A New Toy Adult Erotica, Gay 1 2142 6.0
30 Jan 2009 A Lesson in Heat Adult Erotica 1 2250
30 Jan 2009 Lessons of Age: Something New Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Gay 1 2509
30 Jan 2009 Lessons of Age: Something Old Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Romance 1 2478
30 Jan 2009 A Monstrous Party Adult Erotica, Fantasy 1 7087 10.0
30 Jan 2009 Cosplay Experiments Adult Erotica, Gay 1 2761
30 Jan 2009 A Muse's Blessing Adult Erotica, Fantasy 1 2257
30 Jan 2009 Elsewhere... Adult Erotica, Gay 1 3435
30 Jan 2009 A Hatchday Surprise Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 1 2646
30 Jan 2009 The Finer Points of Interrogation Adult Erotica 1 2280
30 Jan 2009 Heaven in the Digital Age Adult Erotica, Fanfiction, Gay, Sci-Fi 1 5255
20 Jan 2009 When You Wish Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Transformation 1 3836
20 Jan 2009 Secrets of the Fae Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Transformation 5 10548