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Real Name • Jon
Live Journaljon-a-wolf
AIM • JonWolfc
MSN IM • mutt76@hotmail.com
Yahoo IM • jon_a_wolf
Gender • male

Just an ordinary, average working class guy that stumbled upon the world of furry literature several years back and found it to be interesting. An auto mechanic by trade, and an amateur hack author when time permits. I am a hockey fan, a pool player, and a huge fan of the outdoors.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
14 Mar 2010 Lost and Found Under the Northern Lights. Transformation 1 3276 9.0
25 Aug 2008 The Gift of a Stranger Furries and Humans Drama, Mystery, Thriller 7 41980
29 Jul 2008 At Any Cost Drama 1 7500 4.0
02 Dec 2007 Wild Rose Country Adventure, Mystery, Romance 21 161640 9.0
11 Nov 2005 Wolf River Adventure, Sci-Fi 11 55059 9.7