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Web Sitehttp://vowels.sofurry.com/
Gender • male

I am a published poet, but my prose usually consists of buff wuffies yiffing... would be embarrassing sending that sort of stuff out! Got more stories on Sofurry, so check out my profile there, too, if you like well-endowed muscle-furs getting it on.

Besides writing, I also play the drums and read up on holistic nutrition and alternative medicine. I don't eat meat except for fish. I raise a beautiful boy, a pit bull. And I love video games, especially of the Tactical RPG variety (Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, etc.) and survival horror (Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, etc.). I also enjoy music like a mad-dog, always trying to find new stuff to like.

Let's play!


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
17 Dec 2010 Where's the Cook? Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 1 5203 8.0
27 Oct 2010 Fox Story Adult Erotica, Gay, Romance 1 2756
19 Mar 2010 Bad Hobby Adult Erotica, Gay 1 4878 7.0
21 Feb 2010 The New Goliath Adult Drama, Erotica, Gay, Romance 2 3872 9.0