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Gender • male

I know you don't know me and you are asking to your self to change page, but if you are still reading, I want tell you that I'm glad that you are here.

Please to meet you, I'm RedFoxy Darrest, Red for friends, I'm a gay fox with black fur, I like write finctions that usualy contains erotic material and ranges from medieval/fantasy to science fiction including contemporary and detectives stories.

I hope to publish soon on that page some my text, my english isn't good and it's hard for me to write in english, but I'll really glad if you'll read it and comment it.

My finctions, poetry and other can be readed on my account on FurAffinity, YiffStar and now here too, I've an account on Twitter that I use it like a blackboard and announce board.

I hope that you'll be good here with me.


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
06 Jul 2009 Tetti lontani Adventure, Gay, Romance, Sci-Fi 1 1270
26 Jun 2009 I'll cry again one day Drama, Gay, Romance 1 196