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Real Name • Alexander
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Hatched on July 2nd, 1983 he is but a hatchling among his kind. Fortunately, he\'s not been raised by his kind--but rather by two loving and caring humans. Taking him in as their own, raising him on their large farm, and keeping him mostly free from religious dealings has rendered a very well adjusted citizen. Now in his 22nd year, he begins to wonder about the world. From his frequent flights into town, and his stopping at the local tavern he learns of a fantastic life at sea. Taking some advice from an old salt who was always happy to tell him of his fantastic adventures on a ship as a youth such as himself, he joins up with the captain of a vessel that is always a welcome sight at the harbor. Naturally his parents are sad at his departure, but they know they have raised him to know right from wrong and to have a clear head on his shoulders when danger arises. They give him a surprisingly large amount of money, and an old sword. Rusted and pitted with the scars of battle, it is more symbolic than anything, but it has been a treasured heirloom that rested on wall above the fireplace. Along with the sword, they give him a single scale. Much in color like his own, the scale is set in platinum with a heavy silver chain. Taking nothing but the scale, sword and the clothes on his back, he sets off to new horizons...


Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
15 Jan 2006 Untitled 1 - Work In Progress Fantasy, Adventure 1 1035