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Stephan Von Krieger

Web Sitehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/hellkat/
AIM • XiakXande
MSN IM • bladedestroyer@hotmail.ocm
Yahoo IM • hellkat9940
Gender • male

VK is a veteran furry/transformation author, known as Crazytrain, Kyle Reese, and Crazytrain 3:16 in his fledgling writing career. After a long break at erotica, he returned to it in 2004 for some gift stories to the Belial yahoo group (the closest thing he has to a homepage) and has since gone on to write several non-Belial stories. He writes primarily hermaphroditic and transformative furry fiction, often times in the realm of strange, bizzare, and otherwise freaky creatures.



Date Title Series Genres Chapters Words Rating
23 Jul 2008 New Found Form Adult Erotica, Transformation 2 6791 5.0
02 Nov 2005 The Infestation Adult Horror, Erotica 4 7053
02 Nov 2005 Monster Adult Belial Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Erotica 2 15700
02 Nov 2005 Shades of Purple Adult Belial Fantasy, Erotica 3 3539
02 Nov 2005 Crimson Nightmares Adult Belial Fantasy, Erotica 2 10018
02 Nov 2005 Tale of Tala and Juma Adult Belial Fantasy, Erotica 1 3997