FurRag Archive

FurRag Static Site FAQ

What is this site?

This is a static (read-only) version of FurRag, an anthropomorphic/furry story archive site. See the about page for more information.

Why does it look different?

Because it’s an entirely different web site built from scratch by mining FurRag’s database. Also, it was time to take the opportunity to make the styling more modern and readable.

Does this have all the content of the original FurRag site?

As far as I know, yes, with the exception of obvious spam or trolling content, and some of the now-irrelevant “how to post” material.

Can I block adult content?

No; this is a static site and can’t do filtering based on account registration. All adult material should be labeled as such. Note that this is based on the metadata in FurRag’s database being correct, though, which is not assured; FurRag changed the way it rated stories for adult content at least once, which left the database in a somewhat erratic state. Stories/series that were marked as “adult” or “mature” or listed as “erotica” should be marked as adult. I apologize in advance if something slipped through the cracks.

The formatting of some stories looks screwy. Why?

Forgive the somewhat bluntly-worded explanation that follows: eFiction, the original software for FurRag, apparently stored exactly what people uploaded—plain text, HTML, stuff pasted in from word processors, mangled mixes of all of the above—and then made a valiant attempt to translate it to readable HTML when it displayed it. While it sounds noble and even correct to present the story just as the author uploaded it, in practice it’s a resoundingly terrible idea for technical reasons alone, let alone aesthetic ones.

Bottom line: stories that were uploaded in correctly-formatted HTML will be copacetic; stories that were not will probably look broken in about the same way they were broken on the original site. Some stories, though, may be broken in different ways. It’s kind of an adventure.

Can you add a feature to do…

Sorry, but the answer is “no.” This site is not being actively developed past this point.

How long will this site stick around, then?

Hard to say. I’d expect through at least the end of 2014, but if there are stories you’d like to save, I’d take the opportunit to do so now.

Will FurRag or something like it come back?

There are no plans for such and Khaki’s indicated a lack of interest in pursuing this on his own. Having said that, never say never; there seems to be some level of interest in a new incarnation. Check FurRag’s forums—if they’re still extant—or failing that, ping @chipotlecoyote on Twitter.